The people who are max level arent and dont want things to do

The people who are max level arent and dont want things to do

The people who are max level arent and dont want things to do. Folks have this notion in newer time that Runescape gets fun when you're max level. So people spend weeks performing find that there is not anything. But the cost fallacy and addictive nature of RS gold Runescape implies that people dont stop playing. I believe it says something that the founder of RuneScapes designed the curve so that it would be impossible to reach maximal level. Thats the last few levels are so long. In addition, he believed 50-60 to be high level. But individuals have sucked the fun out of RuneScape by making it all about acquiring high degree.

Unless the OSRS team is somehow able to make a new RuneScape ability that has no influence on the existing economy as well as being integral to RuneScape/something you wish to do, I don't find any new RuneScape ability reaching the 75% required to make it into RuneScape. Its one of the things I find bothersome about OSRS. By making it so 99% of additions are determined by the neighborhood, it means that they can not make a decision to add some thing without voting without everyone and stating its own EoC all over.

You can't win if the additions are larger than a new quest/area. The OSRS community is pretty fickle when it comes to what"feels" oldschool and what does not. I thought the Warding RuneScape skill (the latest new RuneScape skill they thought ) was a fairly fantastic addition that fit well into the economy (with Warding essentially being a method to eventually craft Magic Armor, basically being the equivalent to Smithing or Crafting). They've done additions to RuneScape, together with illustrations being Priffdinas and Zeah, I wish the community would give them a bit of slack when it comes to material the dev team wants to perform.

Perhaps they create a"Beta World" that they will periodically update with content they are working on, kind of like Unearthed Arcana for DnD, which lets people try out their bigger ideas like RuneScape abilities in a more compact scale market to find out how it plays out, compared to the way it currently is where the sole pictures or gameplay you buy before voting is a few screenshots and descriptions. Not for each concept they wish to include, but they sort of have this using their championship worlds. I recall in the leadup to the raid coming out they put the weapons and armor so they could be tested by gamers out and provide feedback. They already have temporary worlds with all the DMM seasons, so that they could just take them and say"We are adding Warding for this world for two weeks, try out the concept out and tell us what you think".

New RuneScape skills is the one thing keeping RuneScape 3 important and regardless of how much Jagex are operating RuneScape into the floor, RuneScape abilities are something. Unfortunately, Old School Runescape will never receive exactly the same quantity of love in that section since the 75 percent vote necessary to get an buy rs gold paypal update passed is completely bullshit and has led to a number of fresh RuneScape skills which were otherwise liked by the majority of the player base being completely and utterly canned including Artisan (56.6%), Sailing (67.9%) and Warding (66.4%.)