Does anyone know if there will be play for 2K21?

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My query could apply to additional game modes although I'm specifically speaking about mycareer. I was planning on getting the gen mamba edition when XSX releases, so I could have gen copies. I've been reading around on this sub and NBA 2K21 MT it sounds like another gen 2K21 will be an almost entirely different game. It sucks to hear that people may lose mycareer progress but I can live with this. What I can't live with, is if 2K will be dividing the player base (current gen and next gen). Most of my friends who've NBA 2K21 will not be receiving the consoles when they release. That is a dealbreaker for me, if I can not play with my friends.

Next-gen consoles can play with the game as well as the game. As an example, you can play MyLeague and MyTeam on next-gen but perform MyCareer on current-gen with buddies who do not upgrade, and your VC earnings would be in the shared wallet. Current-gen consoles can play with the game that is current-gen. It's like they are trying to take themselves. They keep up it stating they constructed a brand new game from the ground up I believe is a load of bs. This is one of the most stupid decisions Ive ever found in a match. I'm exactly the same op. I'd want another gen game but instead I will prob need to get the gen so my friends and I can play. Fuck you 2K! Make it a free upgrade like every other company you greedy fucks.

Its not free cuz its gonna be a very different game. I get its awakened, but this is the way it was from xbox 360 - xbox one or ps3 - ps4 with 2K14 also. Even worse cuz you HAD to purchase no choice for both, every seperately. It's how it had been with 2K14 next gen, rebuilt from the bottom up. Additionally there was this meeting between developers and reporters I believe and these same claims were left by them. If they lie, then they can really get screwed. Just get the Kobe variant, you receive 200k VC complete, it is well worth it alone for that.

A new engine was assembled for next gen consoles although we'll have to see but. Have a ton more cpu processing power that"should" result in better animation physics and AI and higher fps even though they will likely cap at 60 online. Thats why they can not play together and 2K understand they gonna sell regardless. I am kinda torn. Do I wait for ps5 version or just get the mamba variant and transition over to ps5 when it comes out because reports and vc transfer only cant play together. The PS4 mamba edition will give 200K VC to you. I looked for that info Cheap MT NBA 2K21 about the vc. Heard it had been 100 each then discovered it was only on ps4. I mean I should probably go right ahead and get the mamba edition I know I am gonna play with 2K all year regardless of how it ends up being.