Welcome to CryptKi

A social media platform that cares about your privacy

Millions of people are looking for an alternative to social media apps available that tend to spy on you and keep your not so private life... Open. I've heard many requests for a secure platform that doesn't monitor you, gather personal or sensitive info, nor share your information with third parties.

Hence comes CryptKi. Passwords along with message data is encrypted. I'm not a company, I'm a person that cares about my security and wants to keep what I want private... Private. If you recall Ladar Levison who started Lavabit his goal was to provide a secure email without all the monitoring and sharing of information between companies. With so many data leaks nowadays it wouldn't do them much good with the important bits being encrypted. As CryptKi grows, so will it's encryption. I'll push forward and encrypt other portions of the platform along with making sure new features are secured as well.

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